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Answers to frequently asked questions about telepathic communication with animals. If you do not find an answer to your specific question, please contact Marty.

About Telepathic Communication

• What is Telepathic Animal Communication?
Telepathy is sensing the thoughts, feelings and pictures that are formulated in the mind before the words are spoken. The prefix “tele” means over a distance (ex. telephone, television) and the suffix “pathy” means feelings (ex. empathy, sympathy). So literally, “telepathy” refers to feelings over a distance. Since animals don’t verbalize, but they do have thoughts and feelings, telepathy is a great way to communicate with them directly.

• How do you know animals are telepathic?
Animals are known to rely on their sixth sense. They can often sense disaster before it strikes. Most people who live with animals have observed their ability to sense what is going on around them. Animals can read our thoughts and feelings, and with practice we can also read their thoughts and feelings. This is what animal communicators do when they “talk” to your pets.

Benefits of a Consultation

• What can I gain from a telepathic consultation with my animal?
Telepathy helps people to understand their animals, from the animal’s point of view. This can be helpful in dealing with behavioral problems, emotional problems, moves, vacations, new animals in the home, or anything that concerns you and your companion. Problems can sometimes be resolved. It can also be fun to hear what your animal wishes to express. For details, see the Testimonials section of this web site.

How Does It Work?

• Do you have to see my animal to communicate telepathically?
No. Telepathy is a mind to mind connection and it doesn’t help to look at the animal. Sometimes having the animal present can be a distraction, and even photos can lead to judgements about the animal, rather than a pure communication. Because of the nature of telepathy, all consultations are done over the phone.

If you feel you need someone in person to physically work directly with your animal, then that is probably the case, and I suggest you contact a trainer or an animal behaviorist.

Often behaviors do change as a result of a session (see Testimonials), but keep in mind that I have no control over the animal, and all observed changes come from the animal’s desire to cooperate - a combination of willingness and self control on their part.

• Can anyone communicate with an animal?
The good news is Yes! Successful communication takes place when there is a strong desire by both the animal and the human companion.

There are 2 parts to communication: sending a message and recieving one back.

Sending a message is easier and can happen when you just “talk” to your pet. It’s as simple as this: if I were to say, “Please do not think about a pink elephant, you would start thinking about a pink elephant, and you would automatically generate a picture of one inside your head. This is what your animal can pick up from you, not the words “pink elephant”, but the picture of the pink elephant that you have created in your head. Animals have varying abilities for communication and understanding concepts just as people do.

Recieving information back can come in several forms; pictures, thoughts and feelings. Most people have to work at this. Step one is quieting the mind, so that it isn’t crammed with your own thoughts, so that you are then able to pick up information about the animal. Just like you have to close your mouth, stop talking and open up your ears if you want to hear another person talking. You have to close down your own mental chatter if you want to hear the animal’s thoughts.

We can all communicate with our animal companions. I developed my skill by attending workshops and practicing a lot with animals that I didn’t already know, and getting validation about what I had recieved from the person who did know the animal. Then I was able to build my confidence, which, by the way, is a never-ending process, so a big “thanks” for all the testimonials, cards and thank-you notes!

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