I thank everyone for your kind words - they do help me keep going! If you would like to submit a testimonial, please visit the contact page .

Dear Marty,
Thank you for all your support over the years. I do hope in the future you’ll be able to meet my new pet - whenever it comes into my life. Dear sweet Shashi passed 2 weeks ago. Thank you for your gifts of supporting Shashi and me in deepening our relationship. I know it was better and closer because of your insights. Julie S.

Hi Marty,
I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing readings! You have truly added such a beautiful and important depth to our family. Everything you said about our animals was dead on. Anyway, loved everything you told us! Thanks again and the very best to you. Heidi L.

Dear Marty,
Your reading always creates an improvement of some kind. My cat Pickles is more affectionate and calm. He feels more connected to us and is more responsive. So thank you, thank you! Love, Kathy C.

Great News Marty,
Our cat Jude is home. We found her and she is so happy to be home - have attached a photo of her with her pal - just resting! Thank you so much for your insights, you were right on. Warmly, Carol R.

Thank you for the years of facilitating communication with my dog Luna. I’m so grateful to you. When it is time for me to get another dog, I’ll be in touch. Until then, blessings, Eileen C.

We just spoke and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your caring, skill and spiritual viewpoints. I really want you to know the greater peace you afforded me today to be able to still hear from my cat Sam and my other kids as well, and beyond that - to know that what you would say to them, like a great therapist, would help and comfort them too. You are a unique combination of special skills and what you do is really a “god-send” at any time, but especially at these heart-wrenching times. Thank you! Kristin B.

Dear Marty,
I want to let you know that everything was spot on regarding everything you told me about my cats Doni, Dori and Zoey! I have a better understanding of their dynamic and am feeling encouraged about the situation. Thank you so much for this wonderful service! MaryAnne H.

Thanks for your help with my lost cat. The location description and the description of her movements that you gave me were really helpful. I figured out whose yard she was in and they let me put a trap there and I caught her tonite, after 10 days! We are both so glad she is home. She was hungry, but looks good and is adjusting quickly to being back home. Thank you again! Peggy B.

Dear Marty,
Thank you for helping me to communicate with my cat Willie. This is such a special gift you have and it means so much for me to be able to communicate with him through you. All my best! Trish P.

Hi Marty,
I wanted to let you know I put Luna to sleep on Sunday afternoon. Your help throughout with her health issues, and with this issue, was invaluable to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. With blessings, gratitude and love, Stacy O.

Dear Marty,
I can’t thank you enough for all of the support and assistance you have given me and my pets over the years. We value all you do. Thank you. Love and Light, Merle D.

Dear Marty,
Thank you, once again, for helping me be kinder to my animals. My dog Chico is doing better, and your ability to tell me more about his physical discomforts has really made a difference. I appreciate your suggestions and help with this. Your services are priceless! Warm wishes, Kathy S.

Hi Marty,
I want to thank you again for the wonderful reading on my dogs. It was very helpful and gave me an added dimension to how I view them, more appreciation of them, and how to better interact with them. It tickles me to know more about what they think. Sophia B.

Hi Marty,
My husband John and I cannot thank you enough for communicating with our little wild cat Blacki. She came back the day after our session. Thank you again for your wonderful gift of communicating with animals, especially cats, as they sometimes seem so aloof no matter what we do for them! Judy T.

Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell you how much I appreciated your help with my cat Goldie. When we first brought her home, she ran away and was missing for a week and you told me where to find her. This one act gave us our life of many precious years with her. Before we went on vacation you explained our absence to her. When she had the problem of peeing outside her litter box, you solved that, as well. Goldie passed away Monday from an illness that the doctors were unable to solve. My heart is broken but at the same time I’m so very greatful for the time we had with her, which was due to you. Again, thank you, Marty for your help, kindness and enriching our lives. Estelle F.

Dear Marty,
A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for your many communications with my dear cats Wideload and Baby. Words cannot express my deep gratitude for your ongoing strength, support, wisdom, and upliftment.
With so much appreciation, Sandra C.

My daughter Sydne experienced immediate help with her beloved dog Jimmy after your communication with him last week. She reports that Jimmy is enjoying their walks together and seems 100% more relaxed and happy. He is really listening and trying hard to be the good dog we all know he is. He has totally turned his behavior around and Sydney really appreciates understanding what was going on with him and the tips you gave her to communicate with him & help him relax. Thank you, I am so grateful for your help. Kim H.

One of the best animal communication readings ever! You made a positive difference in mine & Bella’s life with the information you gave & communicating my information back to my beloved kitty! Deirdre Wilson, Host of Out of the Blue on LA Talk Radio

Dear Marty,
Here’s a belated but very heartfelt thank you for all of the wonderful work you have done with our cat Miranda over the years. At age 8, Miranda is the most loving, wise affectionate and smart cat one could ever wish for. You have helped us by communicating with her (and teaching us how to communicate also) during her sometimes tempestuous adolescence, injuries and illnesses, many house moves and one relocation of 6000 miles to a new country. I don’t know what we would have done without you. You have always been generous with your time, and your loving and joyful nature has been a great comfort to us.
You also taught me how to be with my dear old cat friend Louis as he made his transition-a very peaceful and beautiful moment. I have also very successfully referred you to friends and family members, and I know they are very greatful as well. Many blessings to you, Valerie P.

Hi Marty,
I just wanted to thank you for your communication with my lovely horse. She seems more willing already, as if in communicating with you, she knows I truly have her best interests at heart. I have just oredered your book via Amazon. In addition, could you let me know when you schedule your next workshop-I would love to join you. With all good wishes, Jackie W.

Hi Marty,
My husband John and I cannot thank you enough for communicating with our little wild cat Blackie & helping her come home. Thank you again for your wonderful gift of communicating with animals, especially cats, as they can be so aloof and seemingly non-receptive to us, no matter what we do for them! Best, Judy T.

Hi Marty,
Thanks again for all your invaluable help with my cat Dhaba! He is hanging in there and I’m counting every day as a win! Best, Vivien G.

Hi Marty,
My dear cat Shashi is so much happier after our talk. The landlady’s cat is being respectful to him now as well. Thanks kindly! We love you! Julie S. and Shashi

Thank you! You always brighten my life-Ann D.

Dear Marty,
Thank you, as always, for speaking with my kitties. Your intuitive abilities are greatly appreciated and I do hope to take the workshop with you one day. Warm wishes from DC, Jacqueline C.

Dear Marty,
Thank you for all of your support and guidance through the years with Bobbi and Sasha.I really don’t know what I would have done had I not been able to consult with you. Your gift of being able to communicate with my animals has been truly extraordinary - your perceptions and information has always been spot-on and has allowed me to make the best decisions based on what my animals have wanted. I feel so lucky to know you, it’s been very comforting. Thank you! Love, Cathy R.

Hi Marty,
Just wanted to thank you for help with that feral cat, after the session she walked right into the trap within 5 minutes, she seemed to know I was there to help her. After she was released she went right back to our routine of feeding every night. Thanks so much! You are such a blessing to both us and our animal friends. Robyn & Beth P.

Dear Marty,
Thank you so much. It is always so reassuring to hear your voice (and the voice of our animals). Take care. Love, Debi B.

Dear Marty,
Three words, you are amazing! You knew things only my little ratties and myself knew and through your communication, I was able to understand and see everything more clearly. I’ve learned so much about my rats and myself throught this experience, I am inspired to live life with an open heart. Stacy N.

Hi Marty,
Just wanted to let you know that based on your session with my cat, I bought the food you said she wanted and she LOVES it! Thanks for your help. Stefani S.

Hi Marty,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don’t know how to express my feeling and amazement, what you told me is just totally my lovely dog Daniu, I can believe it’s really her and I just can’t stop my tears. It is a big relief to know what is inside her mind and what I can do for her. Thank you again. Chen-yu

Hello Marty,
A belated thank you and feedback. My sister told me today you helped by chatting with our old family cat, Loius, who is now elderly and sick. It prompted me to write as I meant to let you know how are kitties Flora and Widdle (living in Sydney) are doing. Last time we spoke, we were about to move and were worried the cats would be upset and confused. You chatted with them & let them know what was anout to happen. Well, the move went very well for them. They were very calm and seemed fine about it. Eight months on, they seem very happy in their new home. We wanted to let you know we are very greateful for your help. It is a big comfort to our extended family (Macaulays, Kampmeiers and Peakes) to have your support with our dear cats. Warmest regards, Sarah M .

Thank you for another great reading. John & Yolanda L.

Dear Marty,
Your readings on fur-people are always amazing! All my fur-people give you big hugs and thanks! Hiromi W.

As always, your insight is invaluable! Best, Marla P.

Dear Marty,
Thank you for communicating with our cat Jinx. I really appreciate it and Jinx seems to have responded well, she hasn’t urinated in the house since your communication, which is a wonderful gift for us, to say the least! Sending you my best! Trish P.

Thank you for helping me get a deeper understanding of my cat Otis. I will be forever appreciative. Wellesley S.

Thank you. Thanks so much for all your help with Harriet over the years. She was a difficult dog to care for, but so sweet. I feel I was able to take much better care of her because of you, so you get part of the credit for helping her to live as long as she did, which was very long indeed. The vet said in his experience the dogs that live that long are the ones who know they are loved, they want to hang on. Anyway, thanks again, and talk to you soon, Paula P.

Dear Marty,
You are a very important and appreciated part of our extended family. Thank you for all of your supposrt and assistance. It means so much to me. And us. You make a great contribution in our lives. Thank you. Merle & the “kids”.

You have been so helpful and instrumental in guiding my 1/2 coyote dog Wylie and I in our journey together. I first contacted you in 2003 & you helped me with my elderly cat Sushi, and his wishes around the timing of his death. Everything went so smoothly and easily, thanks you. That was also the first time you spoke to Wylie. Everything you related was so accurate. I think you communicated with him about 7 more times, always acting as a bridge and a clear channel for his wishes. He passed on January 9, 2012 with such grace and serenity. Thank you for helping me realize his last wishes, we both love you. With grateful thanks, Jewel & Wylie

As always, thank you so much. We always feel better after talking with you. Take care, Debi & Larry B.

I truly feel it is through your communication with my dog and cats our relationship has improved to a higher level than I had hoped for. Thank you so much for all you do. Roberta K.

Guess what? Sprout came for a walk today and did not hide under the couch! And Undine did not sit on the computer desk, but in her bed instead! What good animals I have, and I am trying to do my part too! I spend time with them in their places as well. Thanks so much for all your help. Lissy, Sprout & Undine

Hi Marty,
Thank you so much for connecting to Butch. Your empathic connection to all animals has been a source of tremendous comfort to us. Love, Linda & Bob W., Butch, Cleo, Sadie & Jake

Hi Marty,
Thank you for preparing my dog Princess for her appointment with her vet. She did not bark or complain and was completely cooperative! When the procedure was finished she wagged her tail and began playing with one of her toys. I am convinced she would not have responded positively without your involvement. Take care, Angela

I am so grateful to have discovered you and your gift. I’ve had 3 readings now (I get one anytime there is a big change coming up) and they all have been dead on! It’s amazing to hear what Bubba has to say! Anyone in my life that has an animal I tell about you and give them your link! A couple of them now have even had their own and have been blown away as I have been! Thanks again! Charity (and Bubba)

Dear Marty,
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift!! You took so much of your time to discuss my concerns about my feline babies, and it was very heartfelt. Thank you so very much! Lena, Tom, Giggles, Geddy & Jasper

Wow. As always, you were right on target with each of my 4 cats. Walter slept in bed all night without picking a fight with the others, and Hamish waited longer before waking me up today. I will work with them all. Thanks! Deborah V.

Thanks you so much for your insight and reading with my cat Valentino. I immediately noticed he became more relaxed. The supplements are helping clear up the inflammation as well. You are the best. Fondly, Marla P.

Dear Marty,
Thank you for helping me communicate with my cat Merlin and for helping me understand where he was coming from when he was lost inside the walls. We are relieved he is safe now. I truly appreciate your caring and your unique talent. You have helped me, Zoe, and Merlin very much. Love, Susan K.

Dear Marty,
Thank you for your help with my dog Chico. I followed your advice and he’s moving around so much better now. I’m so grateful, you & your work make this world a better place.
With love and gratitude, Kathy S.

Dear Marty,
You have become a special member of our family over the years. We always love our talks with you, and hearing what “the boys” have to say. They really seem to enjoy the opportunity to express themselves through you, and let us know more clearly what is going on with them. We humans realize we don’t have to wait for a crisis or a problem to arise to call you. We always feel more connected with our pets after a conversation with “Aunt Marty”. Thank you for your great work and enriching our lives. Julie, Leon, Shashi & Zardi

Dear Marty,
Thank you for talking with Roxy & Chelsea. The information, as always, is so informative & helpful. Especially with rescue dogs, I knew nothing about their past. I just treasure my pets! Molly V.

Hi Marty!
Greetings from Ennis Mt. The cats did amazingly well with the move. Thank you for your help and advice. Cindi & Rick S.

Hi Marty!
Just wanted to tell you know that the vet confirmed everything you said. They did a blood test and everything is normal. It’s just a behavior change, of staying in more and the snacking comes from that. So that is a relief. Thanks for your help & talk soon. Paula P.

Just wanted to let you know that Scout is now using her new “bathroom” area regularly, and seems happy and well adjusted with me. My mom left this morning, but Scout wasn’t too upset. I think she knows she will be coming back eventually. Thank you again, Kristin S.

I’ve been meaning to tell you, Emma has been totally different about the wind since your conversation. Now, instead of cowering under the bed, she goes outside and actually seems to enjoy it, turning her face into the wind and lifting her chin. It’s been such a relief for me not to have to see her terribly upset and not eating every time a breeze blows. We can both relax and enjoy it now. Anyway, thanks so much for whatever you did! Dr. Paula P.

After your reading, my cat Tukki stayed under the bed for a very short time and today not at all - I reduced her dry food as you suggested and I guess her tummy is not bothering her anymore so she does not have to sleep off her meal - thanks for talking to her - I always want her to feel comfortable in her body and happy. Michele M.

Dear Marty,
Thank you so much for your wonderful insight with my cats (Mimi and Rollie) You were 100% correct about the personalities and behaviors that my kitties have! I took notes during our conversation and will refer to them a lot. Thanks again, Kristin

Dear Marty,
Thank you so much for your wonderful insight with my cats (Mimi and Rollie) You were 100% correct about the personalities and behaviors that my kitties have! I took notes during our conversation and will refer to them a lot. Thanks again, Kristin

Thank you so much for your immeasurable help with my cat Dhaba. I cannot tell you how much your work has helped us and given me a quiet peace. Best always, Vivien G.

Hi Marty,
Thanks so much for your speedy help with Titan. We have had no further aggressive incidents since you communicated with him! As always, thanks so much. You are truly a gift to all of us. Love, Julie Ross and Titan & Maya

Dear Marty,
Angel, Don and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us communicate with each other. Angel’s spirit soared yesterday afternoon and we will all be forever indebted to you for helping us through a most difficult time with love and words of caring. It truly made a difference so please keep on doing what you’re doing! Bless you, Angel, Don & Christie Hoops

Hello Marty,
Thank you so much for communicating with Lilly, our little white outside cat. She had been gone three nights, and came back right after we spoke. You also helped communicate to all our other cats about our vacation, and when we got back, they were safe and sound and not worried about us - thank you! Judy Taylor

I would like to thank you for helping me communicate with my cat Norman. It’s really helped me with the process of saying goodbye. Sammy P.

Dear Marty,
Thank you so much for relaying Benny’s thoughts to me. You eased my mind by letting me know, through him, that his issues are much simpler than we thought, and we are now adjusting his environment more to his liking! THANK YOU! Kathie B.

Dear Marty,
Any time I have looked into the eyes of my kitties I have known deep inside that they are sentient beings. You have given me the precious gift of hearing their thoughts. Paco and Lolita are doing great and enjoying life. Thank you! Catalina H.

Dear Marty,
Thank you SO much for talking to our little Victor - both John and I got so much information and enjoyment out of the experience! Obviously, we did not know what to expect and were trying to keep our expectations down, but boy, did you come through! We are both excited and really looking forward to having you communicate with the other animals in our house - thank you so much! Best wishes, Anne

Dear Marty,
Thank you for communicating with Bella and confirming what my intuition was telling me. As always, we appreciate her and your insights. It’s difficult to prepare for a good friend to leave. You helped us a great deal. Blessings, Blair, Jeff & “kids”

Dear Marty,
Thank you so much for the reading. While I knew in my heart we were prolonging the inevitable, I needed the information which you provided to put her to rest comfortably. I know what you do may not always be easy, but knw that you are helping a number of animals and animal lovers. Blessings, Sally S. and Hannah

Dear Marty,
Thank you for all of your help with Dhaba (feral kitty). We both get so much inspiration from it. Will be in touch soon both for him, and our dog who is also been having some health issues - take care and best, Vivien

Dear Marty,
Thanks so much for letting us know how Koko and Leia feel. I feel like now I have a better handle on what to do and what they want. :) It was great hearing their thoughts about us and each other - entertaining and funny! Thanks again ~ and we will refer our friends! Luv, Eileen C. and Ken O.

Hi Marty,
Just wanted to let you know that my dog Daisy was great on the car trip we took. You told her it would be a long trip and to just be calm and lay down in the back. And she was! You would have never know there was a dog in the car, she just slept the whole 11 hour trip. The only time she cried was when we were getting close to home on the return trip, she had never been on that particular turnpike exit, but somehow she knew we were close to home and got excited. She was also much better with Brenda’s (the dog sitter) dogs than she has been in the past, and even got to be buddies with one of them. Thank you so much for your help. I always look forward to finding out what Daisy has to say. If you ever give a workshop in Florida I would love to take it. Thanks again, Sue S.

Thanks so much for the info about my horse Sugar. The difference in her since you spoke is amazing. She is really listening now, and responding to praise. She is still very jumpy, but there is a new and more positive attitude when we work. The other day, she actually defended herself from another horse who was coming in to take her food, instead of cowering and running away - that was a first! Wow! What a huge difference your talk has made! Thank you! Gayle K.

Dear Marty,
Thank you so much for giving our pets a voice. Nadine S.

Dear Marty,
I really appreciate your insight on my dog Axel; it’s made me look at him in a new way. Have a great day, Carrie H.

Dear Marty,
Thank you for such a precious gift - a glimpse into the thoughts of my cat Paco. Your insight has helped me understand my little companion. Sincerely, Catalina

Hi Marty,
Thank you so much for helping me find my missing cat Jaspurr! The information you communicated to me was right on, that Jaspurr crossed a busy street and couldn’t get home. The house and location you described matched a woman’s house who said she had seen Jaspurr. It is clear that you have an amazing ability to communicate with animals and that your ability to communicate with them has given you an insight into the psychology of animals that the average pet lover is unaware of, thank you for your guidance & gift! Mika C.

Hi Marty,
I just wanted to let you know that Harley came home Saturday morning around 7 am. I followed your advice and searched the cinder block fence line to the back and right of our property. I was able to locate his path (paw prints in the snow) and they indeed led to my neighbor’s shed that had a busted out window. We were unable to locate him in there, but I put a can of food in there & the next day it had been eaten. I want to thank you for your help, your reading gave me great solace not to fret over my missing cat & I’m thrilled he came back to us. Much appreciation, Monica K.

Dear Marty,
Thanks again for helping me with my cat Grace during our packing and moving stage. She was better immediately after the communication & stopped waking me up in the middle of the night! She was also great on moving day - I was proud of her. She was quiet & calm & seemed to know it was the best thing. Your support for human and animal relationships makes such a tremendous difference in our quality of life. Blessings, Carolyn C.

Dear Marty,
Thank you so much! The night after you spoke to my cats Bobby and Pawlette, they let me sleep through the night! Best, Lorraine L.

Just wanted to let you know that Brandy is doing well at ignoring other dogs and people during her rides in the car. This morning she was able to ignore a gathering of dog-walkers. She earned an A- on her ride…up from mainly C’s and a few B-’s. Thank you again for your help. Susan S.

Hi Marty,
Teo and I are now living in Mexico City, and both of us are still really excited. Now I understand why he wanted to come with me so badly, everyone loves him here. We made a committment to each other, and he has made a great effort to behave properly, and on my hand I try to put more attention to him than before.
After our experience with you we’ve become even closer and more attached to each other..thanks for that! Blessings, Rodrigo F.

I don’t know how you did it but you actually talked to my boys. I can already feel and see a difference between my horse Mack and me. The first time I saw him after our session, he gave me the look, “I’m glad you asked.” You have taken my relationship with my boys to a higher level and I am so grateful. I believe you will be hearing from a lot of my friends - they were just as amazed as I was! Lisa S., Mack and Gizmo

Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for people and their pets! You helped us greatly with our beloved dog last year. Rex and Mary U.

Thank you Marty,
For the reading on my dog Oso. It is such fun to hear him (through you) and to hear what he is thinking & caring about! Wendy M. & Oso

Great Talking with you. Clancy is doing better already. Take care, Linda B.

Hi Marty,
Thank you so much for the helpful tips on Mija’s care and well-being. I could tell after we talked that Mija was calm and she knew I felt better after talking to you. Thanks again. Teddy L.

Hi Marty,
I wanted to let you know that Goldy is doing much better. Immediately following your session on Sunday, he became more alert and has continued to get stronger and more like his old self every day. He will now take his large number of pills wrapped in canned dog food, and this is HUGE! Up until then we had to fight over every pill - poking them down his throat. We are both much happier. Thank you so much for all your help! Charlotte B.

Echo, my female Border Terrier, was stolen from outside of a hotel room in Hollywood, CA. After seeing posters for Echo everywhere a kind person called and suggested we call Marty for help in our search. Marty was able to tell us that Echo was still alive, had been picked up in a white car and was with a couple that lived in a large apartment complex and only let Echo out on the patio. She also described Echo’s personality perfectly. Echo was returned by the person who had “kept” her after a week, and when we picked her up we discovered he drove a white car, lived in an apartment with 5 identical buildings, and that Echo had only been let out on the patio! Marty expressed that it is very difficult to “find” stolen dogs because they often travel far with a person, and can’t reveal their address, but only show a picture of their surroundings. But Marty confimed our belief that Echo was still alive (there are many coyotes living on the same street as that hotel!) and so we kept up our search and found her! Thank you so much Marty and the person who gave us the tip. Kate Z.

Thanks for communicating with my cats Sunny and Simon - it has definitely helped with their brother/sister relationship, and Simon is now really understanding his role as #2 cat. Many thanks, Julie, Sunny & Simon

Dear Marty,
We had our dear Motor Boat put to sleep yesterday. I know it was for the best. We are very grateful for your assistance with “Motor” thru all the years. Your communications with him and us have been beyond comforting. Thanks & blessings, Pauli and Peter S.

Hi Marty,
Thanks again for your help with baby Titan. His travel day went well and I believe your talk with him helped a lot. All the best, Julie R.

Thanks for everything. I’m so glad we found you and I can’t wait to turn you on to all my animal-crazy friends. Take care, Tamara, Ricky, Zues & Q.

Thank you for your work with Ruth. I miss her, and I am grateful you were there so I knew what was going on with her at the end. Many blessings, Connie R.

Thank you for your work with Ruth. I miss her, and I am grateful you were there so I knew what was going on with her at the end. Many blessings, Connie R.

Dear Marty,
Thanks for another affirmative reading. I have a strong sense of my dog Sasha and hearing the information you pick up on is always such a great confirmation and adds so much to my connection to her. I can’t thank you enough for enhancing one of the bonds that makes my life full and rich. Smiles, Karen S.

Your communication with Zardi, my cat, really worked! It’s quite profound how different he is around food now. He still takes advantage of food when it is accessible, but he doesn’t bully Shashi, my other cat, anymore, and he is polite & not as needy. He now knows and respects what is his food and what is Shashi’s.
It also helped me to understand that he learned to take whatever food he could as a survival
technique. Now I am not so neurotic about the cats and their food either. Your work is as powerful on the owners as it is on the pets. Thank you! Julie S.

Hi Marty,
I hope all is well. I just wanted to reach out and thank you again. In January you spoke with one of my cats, Minky, because I thought she was unhappy in her new home. She was not using her litterbox at times and I just knew that something wasn’t right.
Anyway, she is doing amazing. She’s happy, playing like crazy, and has not had any litterbox issues since that day we spoke. She follows me everywhere and loves the other cats very much. You helped me understand what was on her mind and understand her. I’m so happy she is so happy and content. I tell everybody about you!! Take care, Hope A.

Dear Marty,
Momo is doing much better since we spoke. We can pet him now and even pick him up. I think things will continue to improve with time and more love. Even Taquito is getting better about running out the door - well, at least he is trying harder & coming back inside much sooner! Thanks for all your help! Best, Vanise, JoAnn, Momo & Taquito!

Dear Marty,
Thank you again for sharing your gift of communication. I am so grateful for your generous spirit, and especially for giving me deeper insight about my beloved Henry Cat (and vice versa!) Its been one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences of my life. With much love, Karen S.

Dear Marty,
Thank you for the beautiful insights you shared with me on Merlin & Zoe. I have a much better appreciation for the wisdom & love Merlin has, and the challenges Zoe has had. Your love & empathy comes through loud and clear. Susan K.

Dear Marty,
Thank you so much for communicating with all our dogs about our aggression issues with Gunther and about our move to South Carolina. As you know I am very emotional about my dog Gunther. I don’t want to have to give him up, but I do realize that because of our other dogs, it is the best decision to re-home him with Jason, his dog-walker.
Thank you for your advice and support. Your words and insights are truly invaluable to me. You are always right on target. You give me the courage to handle these difficult situations. I’m sure we will continue to be in touch over the years. Best regards, Linda G.

Thank you Marty for all of your help on so many occassions.
First, you found not one, but two of my cats with specific directions. (”Winston is in the backyard, under the shed, about 4 houses down the street. There is a wrap-around driveway, a red brick wall and a big red car.) ALL was exact and he was found a few short hours later. Now you’ve helped me again. When my little Stella was hit by a speeding driver, you gave me enough information to set my mind at rest that she did not suffer. You truly are gifted and offer a valuable service to concerned and/or grieving “parents” at a price that is reasonable. Thank you again. I constantly recommend your special help.

Hi Marty,
I imagine you don’t remember, but you did a session with my black kitty Pasha last week. You recommended the Bach remedy Wild Rose to help her change from a panther to a pet. Its already working in less than a week. Today she cuddled for the first time. Happy 4th, and thank you. Jill L.

Hi Marty,
Thank you for easing my anxiety about Barkley’s condition while he was lost. He was living the life of luxury in Orange County and was delivered home last night. He had been picked up in a car and your information on Friday was an exact description of his temporary mom’s place. One of their friends saw Barkley on a flyer yesterday morning, so today I got the best call ever.
Thanks for your help! Another success story of loved ones reunited. Now I have to go (joyfully) take down 120 flyers within a five mile radius. You are great & I referred several more people to you during this process. Giant hugs, Trisha D.

Hi Marty,
I just wanted to give you some feedback on what great work you did recently. The woman I work for called you about her horse, Diego, who I feed & take care of. I suggested she call you because I could tell something was bothering this horse. I was there at the beginning when she got him and had a fall. It was not the horse’s fault, but she had fallen out of love with him & became completely disinterested.
She resisted at first, and didn’t want to bother with calling you, but then decided to try it and was blown away to hear what you had to say. She called me to see if I had told you about the circumstances, and I said of course not! Anyway, the communication really changed her and now she is going to try and reconnect to her horse, and give him another chance. I am going to help her with him. She told me that she never realized that animals had souls and that this has really impacted her. Hopefully there will be a happy end to this story, so thanks again Marty for your good work! Sara V.

Back in February when I called you regarding my cat, Zed, you told me he hadn’t run away but had been scared by a big animal, and instead of running for the safety of our home he had taken cover on a nearby hillside/gorge. After 5 weeks, he was still missing and we had a huge snowstorm. Out of nowhere we got a call from a neighbor who had found him hiding from the weather in an abandoned home undergoing re-construction.
This is just to say a big “Thank -you” for your help. The things you said convinced me that my intuition was right, and that Zed had not been killed, and I should keep my hope alive for his safe return. Five weeks is a long time to hold on, but he is home now, gaining weight, and we are all very happy once again. Regards, Dave R.

We wanted to say a big Thank you to Marty.
We had you communicate with our dear boy Zeus (a big baby alaskan Malamute). He had recently passed and we were wracked with grief. You were able to reach out to him and let us know he is happy and able to play again, which somehow made me feel so much better. I know Zeus is in a better place and we will be re-united. I know without a doubt that Zeus did communicate because he told you things about our house and family that there was no way for you to know…thanks Marty! Julie R.

Dear Marty,
Thanks so much for your help with our cat Grace during our renovations and our weekend away. I always find we have a deeper bond and connection after doing a session with you. She seems to know how much I want to connect and how you are the link, the translator! She becomes chattier, more loving & more responsive. Namaste & Blessings, Carolyn C.

Hi Marty,
I have had the pleasure of hearing your conversations with my dear Sneakers over the past 4 years. Unfortunately, Sneakers had to be put to sleep this summer due to cancer. My experience with Sneakers was deeply enriched with your ability to communicate with animals. I thank you for being you - and wish you many blessings. Love, Lorro L.

Hi Marty, 12/9/06
I can’t thank you enough for helping me find my lost cat Izzy. He’s an inside cat that got out and was too scared to venture out from his hiding space. He was exactly where you said; in the house behind my house in their back guest house, hiding in a crawl space. You even said a black animal with some white on the face spooked him into hiding (their dog Lydia). I never would have looked there if it weren’t for you. Izzy and I will always be grateful! Beth

Hi Marty, 12/4/06
Thank you so much for helping us find our dog Emma. She had been gone for 1 week when you gave us the discription of where to find her. Sure enough, she was hiding in a bush in the middle of the field by the train tracks. She is doing well and happy to be home. I have already given your contact info to several people. We just can’t thank you enough. We have our lives back now. You are simply amazing!
Amaranthe, Victor, Alex and Emma

Dear Marty, 12/4/06
As always I can’t thank you enough. You have helped me and my animals so much, so many times now. You have been so accurate on so many things that my husband is finally believing in your abilities and your wonderful gift. Since we talked, Rudy has made major improvements in his confidence, and Marley is actually being more respectful of Rudy. There is a sense of calm in my house once again, and this morning I had one of our best walks with all 3 dogs. Thank you again so much.
Terry W.

Dear Marty, 12/4/06
Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with me. Your insights about our beloved Ada May and precious Louise Marie were heart healing and spirit lifting. I am so grateful for my connection to you and for yours to our sweet babies. I look forward to welcoming new and returning love into our lives and to including you in our quest for deeper truths. Thank you.
Debbie G.

Dear Marty, 11/18/06
Thank you so much for helping me find my cat Mr. Knightly! After I talked to you, I followed your advice, crossed one street, called and he came running out. Now he’s back home, after being on the lam for 4 days! Thank you so much!
Paula P.

Dear Marty, 11/14/06
I can’t thank you enough for talking to Lily and Lucy for me. Everything you shared made so much sense and I got so much comfort from our conversation. I can’t wait to talk with you again about my whole animal crew! Thank you for everything and sharing your amazing gift!
Lisa C.

Dear Marty, 10/27/06
Thank you SO MUCH for all of the work you have done with Nobu. It has now been a some months since the first “conversation”, and the situation has totally turned around. Nobu now chases his sisters in play, and only very occassionally does he revert to his old self. It is such a relief to have peace in the house, THANK YOU! You are awesome!
Christina S.

Dear Marty, 10/26/06
I can’t thank you enough for talking to my rabbit Sahara. What she said touched my heart and moved me deeply. We both miss Bugs very much, and I will do everything possible to make her life enjoyable and comfortable. I am following your advice and will get her a quiet loving companion. Thank you once again.
Ken G.

Dear Marty, 9/20/06
Thank you for helping me find my lost cat. I went to the area you described to me yesterday, looking for Purr C. I crossed the tiny road to ask permission to look in the wooded area you had described. It turns out that the woman living there has seen Purr C. quite often. So, thank you very much. I just know that he will be back with me again sometime. Thank you!!! Diane S.

Marty, 9/18/06
Thank you so much. The information was really helpful, especially about Tess and Kayla. It really fits but I would not have thought of it. It was such a pleasure talking to you. I’m glad you are there advocating for the animals. Betsy A.

Dear Marty, 9/16/06
I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the information you gave me regarding Sara. Even beyond your precision and accuracy, you managed to convey her unique spirit in your descriptions in a way that was so helpful to me. Thanks again for filling in my gaps in understanding with such depth. Your work is profound. with appreciation, Karen S.

Marty, 9/6/06
Hi, once again you’ve helped me find a missing cat. It is truly an incredible story. This time, I called about an orange feral cat. You described his location and told me he was being fed by a woman who feeds stray cats. After I got off the phone with you, I went to the street in back of me, in the direction and location that you had described. Sure enough, I found the woman who feeds strays and he had been at her house for a couple of days. I am hoping to be able to do your workshop! Thank you, Debbi K.

Hi Marty, 8/28/06
Jessie (our aggressive dog) has improved immensely. My husband and I were very pleased with the outcome of your conversation with the children. From our hearts we thank you ever so much. Sincerely, Yvonne and Mario D.

Marty, 8/18/06
I’ve been struggling all day on how to thank you for finding our lost cat. You have an amazing gift - you are truly blessed. There are not enough “thank-you’s” to describe my emotions. I was so worried and anxious for our lost cat Midnight. What you did for us was truly a “mitzvah”. We found our lost cat in the exact location you described to us. You certainly have made a believer out of me and my husband! Take care, Esther F.

Dear Marty, 8/8/06
Thank you for the beautiful work that you do. For the healing it brings. For the love that gets shared and the words that get communicated across time and space. With love and light, Carolyn C.

Hi Marty, 7/29/06
Thank you so much for the reading with Peggy. I’ve re-arranged her litterbox situation and she already seems much happier (no accidents!) I also feel even more connected to her and Owen — it was a really great experience. Thank you - Best, Cheryl C.

Marty, 6/25/06
Thank you for using your amazing talent to help us reunite with our precious pet. Ninety minutes after speaking with you we looked in direction you had described, behind our back fence and to the left. There is a small creek there as you described and we found him just sitting there!
You warned us that although we found him he might not come home and that is exactly what happened. This morning at 5 am my husband was able to lure him over to the open gate with a can of food and he is now safely inside once more. He is acting very frightened and is hiding in the garage. We assume that this will pass and he will feel safer soon, as he was missing 13 days.
Thank you for your amazing help! We had just about given up hope of ever seeing him again. Gloria B.

Hi Marty, 6/17/06
Thank you so much for your reading of Rusty yesterday. Because of your information I was easily able to make the right decision and help him move on. Your words gave me great comfort and I know that your reading of him was right-on. Just to say thank you doesn’t seem like enough. Please know that your words meant so much to my husband and myself. Mary U.

Dear Marty, 6/2/06
Thank you for helping us with our dear kitty Kelly. We will follow all of you suggestions and give her lots of loving reassurance. She hasn’t had any accidents since I first spoke with you. Thanks again for sharing your gift to help our furry family members. Kim H.

Dear Marty, 5/17/06
Thanks again for all of your helpful advise. I always think I suffer the most with separation anxiety. I know you have helped me tremendously through my own issues with that. I know I will be back and the dogs will be fine and that knowledge is comforting. Best regards, Linda G.

Hi Marty, 5/14/06
Great Job!! It is with great joy and relief my cat “ET” is safely home. My sister and I found him on Tuesday night right near the location that he showed you. You are amazing! And I cannot thank you enough! With appreciation, Lori K.

Marty, 5/12/06
Thank you again for the insight into Miles’ state of mind and being. When I got home on Friday, he was much improved and today, Saturday, he appears to be 100% himself. I’ve included some photos of my wise and handsome cat! Thanks. Pat B.

Dear Marty, 4/14/06
Thank you so much for talking to Zeke, you have been so right on and have helped us with 3 dogs now and we truly appreciate your talent. Sincerely, Denise and Bill A.

Marty, 4/14/06
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. I feel closer to Milo and am glad he knows we’ll be moving to Colorado together. It is also amazing to know - finally- the mystery of his past. I will definately be calling you in the future and referring you to all my friends with pets! All the best, Robin S.

Hi Marty, 4/11/06
This is Rota, Misha the Rottweiler’s mom. You spoke with her almost 2 months ago about her illness and her feelings about the appropriate time for us to assist her in leaving us. I just want you to know that it went as well as it possibly could. I feel so blessed, all my prayers for her were answered. With your help and God’s grace, she left us at a perfect time. It wasn’t too soon and it wasn’t too late. I can’t tell you what immeasurable comfort you brought during the most painful ordeal of my life….I just want to thank you for your kindness. Keep on doing what you do!!! Love, Misha

Dear Marty, 3/24/06
Thank you for taking such gentle and loving care of my family. You have helped make our transition begin. I love the knowledge and the closeness we all feel after talking with you. You are one of the angels walking on this earth. Best to you and yours. Lyn, Michelle, Shaft,Blackie, Buddy & Spice

Marty, 3/17/06
Thank you so much for your help. My cat Roo has been so happy and has not pooped on the floor even once since we spoke. He seems very happy with the changes made to the litterbox. I really appreciate your help, its done wonders….we’re both much happier! Thank you so much! Cinnamon M.

Dear Marty, 2/27/06
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful info you shared with us about our cats Callie, Dakota & Bagheera. It was totally rewarding and gave us some great insight to how we can be better owners. You’re the best! Sincerely, Linda ps. Dakota took your advice & is using the litterbox. And Miss Callie seems to be more calm too. Thanks!

Marty, 2/23/06
I can’t thank you enough. It really was so nice to talk to my animals through you, both to learn things and to have other things confirmed. Also, to have help! Sincerely, Kristin, Atlas & Zena

Dear Marty, 2/20/06
Thank you so much for talking to my cat Jake last week. The situation with the use of the litter box is 100% better. Jake seems calmer and happier and has even played with some of his toys! Thanks, Sharon

Dear Marty, 2/4/06
Thank you so much for your help in finding my cat Jasper. He is home safe now, thanks to you! Much love, Ingrid

Dear Marty, 2/3/06
Looking at my daughter’s face and seeing such contentment is what I must thank you for. Hearing from our dog Rhett is what I must thank you for. Your ability to help us during this very sad time cannot truly be expressed by either Cheryl or I. Thank you, thank you for bringing us closer to our beloved pet. Sincerely, Rosemary

Dear Marty, 1/30/06
Thanks so much for talking to our cat Sneakers. It was so cute to watch him hanging around the speaker-phone and listening to you telling us about your conversation with him. He was there the entire time! Many blessings, Lorri, Michael and Sneakers

Marty, 01/21/06
Thank you so very much! Last weekend we made it back to a happy cat family again. Mostly, Teddy, Boobobers, and their mother, Mercy, all thank you as well. We are all very grateful to you. Sincerely, Kathleen C.

Marty, 01/05/06
I can’t thank you enough. Since our session, Amanda has continued to be more active and I found her sitting outside in the sun this morning. She has not done that for quite awhile. To my surprise, she takes the aloe juice that you recommended for her bowel problems just fine.

The best part for me is hearing from her and what she had to say, and to be able to relax and cherish the time we have left together without all the worry. Amanda seems to be feeling more relaxed as well. Thanks again. Gabriella W.

Marty, 11/14/05
I found my cat Aligator this morning after talking with you yesterday. As you know he had been missing for 10 days and I was frantic! I had almost assumed he was dead until I spoke with you.

You told me he was hiding under a porch with brown-painted wooden boards. He was scared because he had encountered a larger grey wild-looking cat with yellow eyes. The people in my neighborhood had informed me that there was a bobcat in the area, and bobcats all have big yellow eyes! You also told me you got the sense that Aligator had gone to the right out my back door, crossed one quiet street, and that he could see a creek.

Well, this morning I went out my back door, went to the right, crossed all the neighbor’s yards until I crossed one quiet street. I ended up at a creek where I called Aligator’s name and shook his bag of food. I heard what sounded like a bird or a distant meow. I walked to the other side of the creek where the sounds got louder and I was sure it was coming from a cat.

There on the side of this house, walking out from under some brown painted wooded stairs was my lost and scared little Aligator. I am amazed! Thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!! Eve Sibley

Dear Marty, 11/08/06
Thank you so much for helping bring our Redman home! So many heartfelt thank-you’s are being sent your way from my family that I would not be surprised if your house turned into a rainbow! Wishing you the very best always and forever. Irene S.

Dear Marty, 11/10/05
As always thank you so much for communicating with my cats. Samantha has been unbelievably nice since then, with no hissing or growling, even when the kittens invade her room! You are always such a help in so many ways! Love, Marlene D.

Marty - 10/19/05
I can’t begin to express my gratitude and thanks to you for bring Austin home. We could not have found her without you. You are amazing. Your description of where to look for her was right on. Thank you for sharing your gift. Peace- Debe L.

Dear Marty, 10/14/05
Spike and Frosty responded instantly to your suggestions. You are very talented and perform a wonderful service. Thank you very much, David D.

Marty - 10/14/05
Once again! Many thanks for all of your good work and generous spirit. I will call again. Peace, Dolores C.

Marty, 10/27/05
Thank you so much for talking to Abu and letting him know he’s loved very much! So far I have not found any wet spots on our carpets or blankets since you communicated with him. So he must have taken what you told him very seriously! Thank you again.
Sincerely, Jodi C.

Thanks, Marty.. .8/31/05
I guess Oji was able to understand that peeing in the sink was offensive, he hasn’t done it since you communicated with him.
Thanks sooooooooooo much. Shannon W.

Dear Marty, 8/24/05
Thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful feedback regarding Bonni and Hannah. What a wonderful gift you have to share with the world! I feel blessed for being part of it.

Thank you, Diana

Dear Marty, 1/20/05
Just a quick note to let you know the progress Mickey made after speaking with you. Last night, he slept peacefully until 6am! I can?t tell you how thrilled we are. It’s as if his canine cognitive disorder has disappeared! He was very confused, but he has managed to get oriented just from his talk with you. Obviously, it took a day to integrate what you told him, but he definitely got it. He seems much happier and more content now.

How do I say thank you? You are simply the absolute best and we bless you every night. Thanks for being there for us and we’ll talk again soon.

Love, Elyse F.

Dear Marty, 11/10/04
Thank you so much for talking with Buddy and letting us know what happened to him yesterday morning, and why he was crying out in pain. George had a chiropractic appointment that afternoon, and talked to the doctor about Buddy. He said, “Bring him in I’ll take a look at him”.

You had pinpointed the exact spot that Buddy had injured! He had a partially dislocated cervical vertebrae. Thanks - we would never have thought to take him to a human chiropractor, but after a brief adjustment and some massage, Buddy was running around the house and backyard the next morning!

Thanks so much for helping us understand our “kids”. We really appreciate you-

Lori and George P.

Marty, 10/12/04
Thank you so much for everything over these past few years. You’ve meant so much to me. You’re so compassionate and accurate and I appreciate your friendship as well.

Julie I

Hi Marty, 10/6/04
Thank you so much!! I feel so much better about LuLu, Maggie and Willow. Though you may need to talk to Willow again, she is feisty! You are always right on the mark with my animals, I feel so comfortable knowing that what you say is exactly what the animals are saying. No doubt has ever crossed my mind since the reading of the first animal I called you about. What you say is exactly what and how my animals would talk, it still amazes me. It’s such a comfort to know that someone can be of so much help to us and our special four-legged friends.

XXOO Marie S.

Dear Marty, 10/6/04
My partner and I cannot thank you enough for leading us back to Ripley (our lost cat). These roses are a token of thanks for all that you did for us, and all that you do! Thank you so much!

Best wishes, Jenny & Deborah B-B.

Marty, 9/20/04
What you do is wonderful! Thanks for the magic

Adam H.

Dear Marty, 9/5/04
Thank you so much! Its Monday evening, and so far Ramtha has not sprayed in the house (which is amazing).

Warm regards, Dagmar S

Dear Marty, 9/5/04
I really benefited from your communications with Fernando and Mona. The insight into their point of view, as well as the tips on how to communicate most effectively with them delighted me, and empowered me towards a better relationship with them.

Gratefully yours, Sonja O.

Marty, 9/1/04
Thank you for your excellent communication with Shen. I have followed your suggestions and things have improved greatly - what a blessing! Thank you for accurately perceiving the situation and working with us towards solution and harmony.

Bless you! Love Eve B. and Shen

Marty, 8/4/04
Thanks a lot for your help. Lindy did have a foxtail between her toes of her right front paw, as you said. Marge E.

Marty, 8/2/04
I honestly don’t know how to express my gratitude for the healing and comfort you gave me the other week when I suddenly lost my little friend Tiger Woods. Suddenly, he appeared into my life bringing with him so much magic, so much inspiration and so much joy. Somehow you managed to bring that back through your beautiful inspirational & uplifting reading with him.

I can’t thank you enough for bringing me peace and comfort in his departure.

Namaste, Nichola E.

Marty, 7/22/04
Thank you for telling me about the discomfort Treasure was having with his left ear. My husband took him to see the vet today, and it turns out there is a bleeding cyst in the ear canal. He will be having a biopsy on Aug. 3, and I will call you after that to check in with him again to see how he is feeling.

Christine L.

Marty, 7/18/04
Thank you so much for the reading on my cat, it was great. Ms. Thing is going to the bathroom in the litterbox now! Thanks!

Tavian Q.

Dear Marty, 6/21/04
Thank you for the recent communications with my kitties Nikki, Sherman and our beloved departed Theodore. It is very comforting to know that you are available to answer questions and help us to communicate to our precious animals. I’m sure I will need your services in the future, and I look forward to speaking with you.

Christine G.

Hi Marty! 6/17/04
Thank you so much once again for communication with my dogs Kody, Jippy and Theo. It amazes me at how accurately you described each of their unique personalities. Kody is indeed the “king” - regal, royal and top dog. I am glad that Kody feels the other dogs respect him, and that he enjoys having them around (was afraid he wouldn’t be) I was astounded by Kody’s knowlege of time - he knew he had been on joint supplements for 4 years - and this is true! Even I hadn’t realized that. Jippy is the sweetest dog you could ever meet, and you’d never know she had such a neglected past. I understand her so much more now, and it all makes perfect sense! She does have a needy personality, and I must confirm she is indeed a “daddy’s girl”. I had the biggest laugh when she talked about her litter and how very glad she was they were all gone now - haha. And goodness, how she knew that we live in a very old house and to stay away from the paint because it smells funny - amazing! And Theo, you hit him so well, from the wiggling and chatting to the happy go lucky personality that is exactly him. And how did he know about the competition with the other dark colored male puppy? Just goes to show how aware they are at such a young age. I am very fortunate to have these wonderful companions in my life, and thank them every day. I am glad they feel the same way.

Thank you so very much again! I am sure I will contact you in the future to check in with Kody, Jippy and Theo to see how they are doing and if they need anything from me. This experience has been an absolute joy and my heart is bursting at the seams!

Love, Lori K., Kody, Jippy and Theo

I am very fortunate to have these wonderful companions in my life

Hi Marty! 6/9/04
Thank you again for helping Haley and I communicate. I swear all of the animals are closer and more loving because of it! Once we get Haley’s health stabilized, I would like to have you check in with my other sweet family members. I’ll be giving you a call soon, And thank you!

Blessings, Lisa H.

Dear Marty, 5/25/04
Thank you a million times for helping us get more in touch with Roy and Nellie. You are simply amazing! Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us.

Sue, Scott, Mattie, Roy & Nellie

Dear Marty, 5/24/04
Great news about my cats! Shelly has stopped picking on Lucky, he even greets him sometimes, and no longer steals his food! In addition, Lucky is being affectionate to me and allowing me to pick him up and hold him. He was always very antsy before, wanting to get out of my arms ASAP. But now he is completely relaxed and shows no signs of wanting to be anywhere else! This is a real treat for me. Thank you so much for your help!

Gratefully yours, Mally, Shelly, Lucky, Kitty V., Chloe, Baby Chicken, Pierre & Benjie

Dear Marty, 12/20/03
I called you in desperation to help with Daisy, a dog I was fostering. It became clear that I would not be able to find Daisy an adoptive home because of her behavioral issues, including seriously biting both humans and my other dogs. After your first communication, Daisy’s behavior actually improved toward me and other humans. Because she was still biting my other dogs, I asked you to communicate that she must improve her behavior toward other dogs in specific ways. I was fearing I would have to put her down and was dreading it. Much to my amazement and pleasure, I was thrilled to see her behavior improve toward both of my dogs after communication. We are still working on Daisy’s interaction with the larger dog, but she responds very quickly when I correct her and I am optimistic we will be able to work through this.

My dogs and I are extremely grateful to you for your help and I am keeping Daisy. I have been amazed by the insights you have been able to share and am looking forward to taking your workshop.

Sincerely, Linda

Dear Marty, 12/20/03
I wanted to let you know how our cat family was doing after your chat. Now I have to say, you have worked a miracle with Charlie. Since the day after you spoke with him, he has not peed on the curtains once!!! You have no idea how much stress this has relieved. Both Dave and I want to say a huge thank-you. It was not only fun to hear what 2 of our cats were thinking, but in this case you have also helped to resolve what for us was a nightmare situation. We will certainly be contacting you in the future to find out what our other 2 cats are thinking just for the fun of it!!

Kind regards, Liz

Dear Marty, 10/30/03
The consultation with our three cats and our dog was accurate and useful, and it’s delightful to be able to “hear” them through your voice. I know they appreciate the opportunity to “speak” as well. Their behavior has shifted, slightly, for the best. Butch is giving Jake a break; Jake is leaving Butch alone; and Cleo and Sadie are more accepting of each other. The general tone of our home is harmonious but your consultation - your connection and suggestions to our non-human companions- helped smooth out some of the rough edges.

I was also impressed at hearing the thoughts and details of each personality. It was so specific and really descriptive of these four creatures who share our home, our life and our love. Thank you, and we look forward to the next time…

Sincerely, Linda and Bob, Butch, Cleo, Sadie, Jake

Dear Marty, 10/28/03
Thank you so much. After her prolonged absences, Bubba has been showing up twice a day to eat and has been much more relaxed, and hanging around more. So far the session with you has been a great success. Also I am feeling more relaxed having received all your great input.

Thanks, Suzy

Dear Marty, 10/25/03
Thank you again for your service and I am grateful that you do what you do. I am doing what you said and it is helping my cat feel better. I will tell my friends to call you if their pet needs help, or mostly for the owners to understand “the pets point of view”

love, Shari and Georgie

Dear Marty, 10/18/03
Thank you so much for sharing your gift of communication with animals. Your “talk” with our cat, Blackie, has done wonders to calm her, and I anticipate that our move will be much easier because of it. My husband and I hope to meet you someday and thank you in person. Gratefully, Charlene

Dearest Marty, 10/14/03
Thank you for blessing our family with your gifts and compassion. Our world holds more adventure and confidence because of you. As we take our new challenges on together, the dogs and I will remember your words of comfort and give us the strength and security to make each day fun.

Our love and gratitude, Chris, Angel and Teddy Bear

Thank you kindly Marty, 10/11/03
I am grateful for your intuitive words that brought comfort and lightened the sorrow at the loss of Douglas. I miss him and await his return. You are very kind and I thank you. Sincerely, Karen

Dear Marty, 10/11/03
Thanks so much for all your help in talking with Ginger. Since your chat, she has started to become much more confident and frisky - not the scared little girl she was before. Thanks! Ori, Lori & Ginger

Dear Marty, 10/3/03
Thank you for your help and the willingness to use your gift to bless both animals and families. Albert is coming along amazingly well, and being much more friendly with my husband and son! I am so grateful. Love, Kathryn

Dear Marty - 7/23/03
I can’t tell you how excited I was finding out about Kody’s thoughts and feelings. We pet lovers enjoy gabbing about our babies and to find out how they feel about us is just incredible. I am glad you had a fun chat with Kody and he was willing to “spill his guts” to you…I asked him to talk with you and tell you everything so you could tell me! From the both of us, thank you so much! Lori and Kody

Dear Marty, 7/15/03
Thank you so much for communicating with Sweety. There has been such a transformation! She has completely stopped hissing at Daniel. In fact, she is allowing him around her and she isn’t even running away, just 2 days ago she would not allow him in her half of the house!! We can’t thank you enough for helping to bring harmony to our household. She hasn’t marked anywhere either, what a miracle!

Thanks so much, Anu

Dear Marty, 7/15/03
Thank you so much for communicating with Tambolita. I think we are both feeling better. Since you and I spoke, she meows at me every time I come into the bedroom.

Sincerely, Anna

Dear Marty, 6/22/03
I wanted to let you know that my horse Babar has not reared since your conversation with him! And you were right, the right side of his body was VERY sore, according to the chiropractor that worked on him last week.

Thanks so much for your wonderful gift/ability. Saret T.

Dear Marty, 6/13/03
Ever since you talked to my cat Pumpkin he seems perfectly at home here at our new home in Napa.

Thank you so much, Dorothy M.

Dear Marty, 6/11/03
I can’t thank you enough for your communication with my beloved dog Colt. I had been sobbing uncontrollably for 6 weeks, since the day he died. I had seen psychologists, acupuncturists, and tried herbal medication, but the emotional pain was almost unbearable. Nothing was helping, until I spoke with you. What you said about my Colt hit the bottom of my soul so perfectly and completely I have no doubts at all. You truly spoke to Colt. I haven’t cried at all since I spoke to you, I am at peace.

I can’t thank you enough. You are truly gifted, and you helped me immensely. All the best to you, your dogs and your other animals. Piera F.

Marty, 6/10/03
Once again Lori and I are amazed at your ability to converse with our animal friends. Thank you. George P.

Dear Marty, 6/9/03
Thank you so much! Ed, Rosie, Merri, Jubilee and I all appreciate your special talents tremendously. I’m sure I’ll be in touch again soon. Christine P.

Marty, 5/23/03
Thank you again for all your help. The conversations with Lacey the past few months have really helped to make her passing easier to take. I still miss her very much but the grieving is not at all as bad as I was dreading. I think it also helps to know that we have made all the arrangements for her return.

Thank you so much, George P.

Dear Marty, 5/23/03
Thank you so much! Talking with you was deeply healing for me!!

Love, Donna M.

Hi Marty, 5/23/03
You are a wonderful animal communicator. It was wonderful to talk with you. Thank you so much, for all the information and advice, and for your understanding.

Love to you and your pets, Ann C.

Marty, 5/22/03
Thank you so much! You give such a beautiful service.

All my best - Love, Gail B.

Testimonial letter, 5/20/03
At the suggestion of the stud owner, I contacted Marty to read my litter of puppies. The stud dog owner had an animal communicator speak with her litter several months earlier and found it very helpful in placing the pups. Marty and I agreed that she would speak with the pups when they were six weeks old. She only asked for the names of the pups. When we went through her reading of the litter all sorts of things came out. One boy was an industrious kid and wanted to do dog sports. One little girl wanted a big brother. Another boy wanted a busy family with children. Another girl recognized the big dogs vocabulary and wanted to learn things, and so it went for this litter of ten. Marty knew who the bolder pups were and who was more inclined to be a pampered “couch potato.” She knew who had ambitions, insecurities and everything in between. When people with specific wants/ situations inquired about the puppies, Marty’s reading made placing the right puppy in the right home MUCH easier. The pups are almost 6 months old now and the people and their respective dogs seem to be well suited to each other in large part thanks to Marty’s insights! Happy dogs and happy owners! Brava, Marty! Florence B

Dear Marty, 3/24/03
Thank you for the communication you had with my babies, Rusty and Catty. The translation was not only helpful but heartfelt and spot-on! You are wonderful and your advice is well-taken.

xxxooo Anna and Aaron

Dear Marty, 2/25/03
Thank you so much for our talk about pony Ashland Puzzle. This morning, I met with the chiropractor. She said that because his right pastern was out, he would feel pain in his right hip and also along his neck on the right side. Exactly where you said he felt pain. I will be calling you for an update on my special little guy!

Thank you so much! Maryanne A

Dear Marty, 2/22/03
Thank you from all of my being for your beautiful connection to my Masha. It has helped me so very deeply and profoundly.

My sincere regards and much joy, Bari H

Dear Marty, 2/9/03
Thank you very much for your wonderful consultation on Houston. You have a wonderful gift and your sharing it with others helps so much. I know that your suggestions will assist in having a truly harmonious environment.

I have already noticed a change in Houston’s behavior. Although he still gets excited when he sees another dog, he doesn’t bark. When he barked at an outside noise, he stopped when I told him it was alright.

Thanks again, Connie F.

Dear Marty, 1/6/03
I just wanted to thank you again, you were very helpful with my lost cat. About 3 hours after I got off the phone with you, my cat “Kitty” came home. I believe you comforted her when you spoke with her, which gave her the courage to come back home.

Thank you so much. Gianna B.

Hey Marty, 12/27/02
I keep meaning to give you a big hug - after your reading with Yogi Bear, his behavior changed completely! He had been unwilling to come into the house because of the new kitty Tiger Woods. After the session, he came into the house, spending the whole evening and overnight a couple times. The big treat was that he came inside on Xmas to participate in opening presents, which was a complete first. He has been eating his food right next to the new kitty and now they are both asleep in the “kitty” window together. Maybe soon they will be curled up together!!

Many, many thanks for the great reading, it has created amazing results and so fast…much love. Nicola E.

Dearest Marty, 12/20/02
Thank you so much for the important part you play in my relationship with all my special 4- legged friends. Words cannot express how much it means to me.

Love & Light - Merle

Love, Light & Licks - Angel, Sherman, Angelique &Prince & Claire too!

Dear Marty, 12/10/02
Thank you for finding my lost cat. You were right, she was stuck in my drawer! She had been in there 2 days and was very hungry!

Thanks for your help. Love, Jessica B.

Hi! 11/20/02
All is going great! Rama hasn’t attacked Lady since your talk, and Lady hasn’t strayed from the property. Unbelievable!

Thanks so much, Diana B.

Marty, 11/14/02
Thank you so very much! All the kitties have been the BEST and have adapted to their new situation. Orange ESPECIALLY has had a WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATION of character, no longer being a bully to the others! Mary and Gertie actually look VERY RELIEVED, too!

Thank you again. Love, Marta M. & Critters

Marty, 10/28/02
As always, thank you for the wonderful reading on Shana. We all feel so blessed to have you in our lives.

Take care, Debi B.

Dear Marty, 10/18/02
Thank you so much for your reading on my Misty. She was (and is) truly an angel, and as you know, I love her. Your words certainly gave me a sense of peace. You have a special gift.

God bless, Shirley B.

Marty, 10/16/02
Thank you again for your help with Zoe, and for patiently listening to and relaying my many questions! Hopefully the suggestions you had will help alleviate the problem, but whatever comes of it I am very glad to have had the communication. Thank you, and best of luck in your wonderful work.

Sincerely, Amber

Dear Marty, 09/20/02
Thank you for speaking with Callie. I am just delighted by the things you told me. We are just cracking up about her vanity, she is the little princess! She has definitely been more social too. Or maybe it is just me that has changed! It was really a kick to hear what she had to say. You hit every detail about her personality too - Thanks so much! Linda M.

Dear Marty, 08/20/02
Thank you for communicating with Bugs and telling me how he feels. I am going to get him a companion - he will pick out the one he loves. I will call you again in the near future to see how well the 2 are getting along. You have been more than helpful in allowing me to better understand Bugs and his needs.

Again, thank you so much. Ken G.

Hi Marty, 08/23/02
Thanks for communicating with Claire. Things got a lot better after your “talk”. Everyone is playing together and we haven’t had any growling or aggressiveness in over a week! We all thank you for making our vacation more enjoyable.

Sincerely, Vee B.

Dear Marty, 08/22/02
Thank you from the bottom and the tops of our collective hearts for the wonderful reading you gave us about Oliver.

All the best to you,

Michael, Laura, Ava & Oliver

Dear Marty, 08/10/02
Thank you once again for helping us with Elvis and his new sister Arrow. You are truly gifted. I know you don’t read people, but if the opportunity ever comes along, please tell my wife to get off my case…… In closing, may all of your dreams come true, even the weird ones.

Warmest regards, Jeff A

Marty, 6/24/02
Thanks again for your help with my horse Waldo and my cat Murphy. We competed in a horse show over the weekend, and experienced our “personal best” ever! Waldo was very good, and very confident. The judge was hugely impressed with Waldo’s improvement, and my coach was blown away. I will be calling again regarding other family members!

Thanks again, so much, Julie, Waldo and Murphy

Dear Marty, 6/24/02
Thank you so much for your readings on Berlin, Newbury, Bronco and Natasha. I feel so much better knowing more about their desires and needs and that will help in finding the best possible homes for them. Thank you also for your kindness and generosity. You are a pleasure to work with, and I greatly enjoyed talking with you. I will be in touch soon regarding other kitties.

Sincerely, Eddy C.

Dear Marty, 6/20/02
As always your gifts are greatly appreciated. With your insight and recommendations, my house is so much more calm. Thank you so much for all your help.

Love always, Shell, Shy, Kiry, Jerry, Sara, Axel and Tricky

Dear Marty, 6/19/02
Thank you so much for your help. All three cats are together and getting along. They were all on the bed at the same time and sleeping yesterday - so, so cute! You definitely helped - they have been different since you talked to them.

Aloha, Shawne M.

Dear Marty, 6/15/02
Thank you so much for the readings for Walter and Polly! Walter has not left anything else in the bathroom - yeah! - and our relationship is warmer. Polly has seemed more “up” since then.

Thank you again for your insights.

In light, Cynthia C.

Dear Marty, 6/12/02
I can’t thank you enough for communicating with Pumpkin. The only aspect of moving was whether or not to take Pumpkin with us or not. Now that I know he wants to be with us, I am overjoyed! The things you told us about him were absolutely accurate. I am astounded.

Thank you so much, Dorothy M.

Dear Marty, 6/4/02
Thank you so much for communicating with Bud and Riley. I am doing my best to follow your suggestions. So far, Bud is very mellow. I can’ believe how accurate your information is. You are truly gifted.

Etta M.

Dear Marty, 07/28/01
Thank you SO Much!!! I told my husband about the things you said and he was amazed to say the least. Hopefully Sir William will be on the road to recovery. I think I want readings on my other animals too, I will call when I’m ready. Thank you again. It really helps to know how they are feeling and get an idea on how to help them especially when you love them so much and want to make them happy.

Sincerely, Marcie S.

Dear Marty, 07/21/01
Just a quick note to thank you for taking the time to communicate with Stella, my white cat I’ve been trying to assimilate into my household. Your message to me was right on. I have had no more problems with Stella, she has free reign of the house now.

When we spoke last week, you mentioned Stella describing 2 cats in my household that seemed to be giving Stella a hard time. You first described a grey cat, then a striped cat. I instantly figured out that the grey cat was Mirella, one of my cats that initially was very edgy with Stella. But I couldn’t figure out the “striped” cat. The only cat that fit the “striped” description was a cat named Caruso. This guy comes off so sweet, I didn’t think of him as being mean to Stella. But, wow! After our talk, I started paying closer attention and it appears Caruso is jealous of Stella.

You are a wonderfully gifted person. Thank you so much.

Regards, Jane S.

Marty, 07/3/01
Thank you for your help with my lost cat. People in two homes saw Winky the morning that we spoke. This was across from the school as you had indicated. I scouted and observed with no effect- except to be questioned by the police! The next day, Winky meowed at my window at 1:20 am. Great joy and relief!

Thank you ever so much, Charles B.

Marty, 06/20/01
Thank you for your help in finding my lost cat Winston. There was a house fitting your description on my block (the only one) and I knocked on the door. The lady said he was probably eaten by a coyote, but then she phoned me the next day - he was right there where you suggested.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Nomi L.

Dear Marty, 05/17/01
It was a pleasure talking with you last night. Thank you for your insightful information and recommendations. I truly appreciate it.

Regards, Kathy S.

Dear Marty, 4/23/01
I appreciate your help in talking to Cleo and Kooch. Cleo has made remarkable progress. No poop in the house, and she even left my favorite shoes alone-just carried one of them off. This was an accident that I left them out, but in the past, she would have shredded them. We have had no problems since then with chewing or destruction even when I am gone for several hours. I am very pleased!

Thank you so much, Karen, Cleo and Kooch

Dear Marty, 2/27/01
Maryanne is so much better! The peeing and pooping on the carpet has completely stopped and she seems much less anxious overall. I think she is getting more comfortable about being outdoors - I just keep reassuring her and talking to her about it. Thank you so much again.

Mary K.

Marty, 12/5/2000
Thanks so much for your help with my kids - I will try to take advantage of the suggestions you made. Enclosing a couple of pictures so you can see the beauty of all three of my wonderful kitties.

Best regards, Jamie

Dear Marty, 12/12/2000
Thank you so much for coming to the rescue for us, and doing the reading on Shana. She did finally drink some water and eat a little baby food.

Your readings are so accurate and valuable to us. Thank you again. Debi and Larry

Hi Marty, 9/12/2000
I wanted to thank you for the reading, and also let you know that immediately afterward Sasha has been especially sweet towards me. She’s been friendly and not shying away from my hand, has sat on my lap and also nudged the top of my hand to ask for more petting! Last night, she slept right up against me for most of the night. Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

Thanks for your help, Anita

Dear Marty, 10/24/2000
I wanted to give you an update following your reading with Angus (fear biter?) a few weeks ago. By way of refreshing your memory, Angus is one of three Border Collies that my husband and I are owned by. He has a history of seizures (but not for a long time) and we’ve had a biting/snapping/fear problem. Well, the long and short of it is: we’ve seen a vast improvement and I want to thank you for your efforts.

Of particular interest to you might be the fact that before I called you I had posted my question about Angus on a message board monitored by another animal communicator. At the time of your reading, I had completely forgotten about that. A few days later, when I clicked on my “favorites” I was reminded of the posting. By way of comparison of the two readings, I’m going to excerpt some from yours and some from his:

Marty: “Reacting to pain and anticipation of pain. There is pain in the neck area that sometimes travels down shoulder…possibly a pinched nerve”

Corrie: “He seems to have some kind of neural damage or pain, neck feels tight and sore, check for pinched nerves, etc.”

Marty, this just blew me away. You both zeroed in on the exact same thing. Direct hit! How anybody could doubt this stuff is beyond me - I am a believer and I stand in awe! We’ve also been using the Rescue Remedy and communicating to him that we understand his problem and that he has to “move away” if he feels the need to lash out, as you suggested. It took these weeks for me to get over my fear of approaching him , but we kept working at this; I assured him we would get over this and we did!

Thanks so much for what you have done for Angus and my family. He is a much happier dog and we’re a much happier mommy and daddy thanks to you. I plan on calling you soon for a follow up on Angus and for our other two - I wish I had known about this possibility years ago!

Thanks again, Patricia Dunn

Dear Marty, 1/10/2000
Thank you so much for your help with Indigo. We’ve actually seen improvement! She has taken your suggestion about moving away when she’s upset instead of biting or scratching.

I am so grateful for your assistance. I feel like there’s hope now…Thank you for sharing your gifts with others.

-Regards, Amber

p.s Indigo thanks you too!

Dear Marty, 7/7/2000
It was a pleasure speaking with you about our dogs. I received some very good and helpful information this afternoon. Thank you very much.

I also had something very interesting happen after speaking with you. Both Lacey and Tobey had been in the room when I started speaking with you. At some point they left the room and when I hung up, took a deep breath, and came out of the room into the hallway both dogs were laying down at the other end of the hall looking at the doorway I came out of. They were awake and looking at me with tails wagging, and they were smiling at me. It was as if they knew we had been speaking with each other.

Again, I thank you very much and if I have future questions I will be in touch with you.

- George

Dear Marty, 8/7/2000
Thank you so much for communicating with Jack and Romeo, on my behalf. I love them both so much, and I feel an even greater bond with them.

When the world becomes too bitter, I know I can turn to them for comfort. I am awed by your talent and would like to know more about it. With heartfelt thanks, - Sylvia

Dear Marty 9/2/2000
Thank you very much for talking to my animals. We are all very grateful for what you do! - Lucy, Annie, Moses, Sammy and Pilar

Hi Marty, 4/15/2000
I waited a couple of days to send this, waiting to see if Chamonix would change her ways, and hallelujah, she?s been using the box!

I enclosed pictures of them in case I need you to have a conversation with them again. I understand where Scamper’s coming from now and I think he will appreciate it - notice the “blue” couch he likes to sit on!

Thanks, Marty, for your time and communications….Jan

Dear Marty, 3/31/00
Thanks for your time and ability. It was very enlightening. It is extremely windy today and usually Luca is very nervous- (the sound of the wind)- but he is behaving very calmly through it. Surprising!

I’m sure I will be speaking with you again. - Regards, Virginia

Dear Marty,
Misty and I thank you so very much. We appreciate your confirming what we already knew in our hearts and giving us additional perspective and terrific suggestions. We will talk with you again and hopefully get to meet in person.

With love and blessings, Shelly and Misty


Dear Marty, 12/2/99
My friend just told me that I am on your website, so I checked it out. After reading my testimonial I realized so many more changes have taken place. The main thing is our dog Skye has lost 95% of her aggressive tendencies. The only time she acts out is to protect her daughter Lilly. I’m sure in the near future we will be calling you in this regard. This feels like a miracle to me as I know have a dog I know will obey me and respects me for taking her feelings into consideration. I can garden with her in my front yard without fear of her running off and fighting. When I talk to her I truly belive she knows what I am saying. Thank you so much! - Tyra

Dear Marty, 12/18/99
Thank you for communicating with my horse Willy. You were right on the mark! People at the barn couldn’t believe it so you may be getting calls from them! - Sincerely, Jennifer

Dear Marty, 10/28/99
Thank you for your help with Cooper. I’ve never spoken with an animal communicator before, so this was a unique and fascinating experience for me (and probably for Cooper as well). Today I gave my vet the information you got from Cooper, and she seemed pleased to have more to go on to pinpoint the right homeopathic remedy for him. I am really interested in communicating with my other 2 cats, so I will give you a call next week.

Thanks again, Cathy

Marty, 10/12/99
I spoke with you on the phone last Thursday about my three animals. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed hearing what the animals had to say (through you) and to thank you for doing this wonderful work. The information you gave me made me happy and also gave me the tools I need to continue to help my animals be happy, healthy, well-adjusted friends to me, my partner and each other.

Thank you, Emily

Dear Marty, 8/9/99
Thank you for your session with our dog Kelly and the resulting information you gave my husband Bill and I. If you remember, Kelly is the lab that has the congenital urinary tract problem. Since your session we have changed how we feed. Kelly and I are happy to report that it made a big difference. She does still drip after she gets food in her stomach, but we have taken to feeding her later in the day and allowing her to stay inside with us before we feed her. She does seem much happier with this new arrangement. We both love spending time with her too, so everybody is happier.

Thank you for your gift, and thank you for your help. Peg

Dear Marty, 3/28/99
I am so grateful to Andrina for putting us in touch. I am thankful and so appreciative of the insights you have given me and Jasmine, and am encouraged that this new and deepened understanding of one another will help us greatly. I feel I can go on my trip with a lighter mind, and a feeling that I am more in touch with Jasmine than I have been feeling recently.

Wishing you peace and joy, Julie

Hi Marty, 5/19/98
I think Foz is OK! He has been using the litter box - Hurray!! Thanks so much for your help! You are so good at this.

Thank you so very much- you don’t know how much this means to us! Roberta

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