Workshop Testimonials

I thank everyone for your kind words - they do help me keep going!

Thanks Marty,
I actually worked with 2 lost cats in one week, and one was found the morning after my reading. My goal in wanting to communicate with animals was to help them stay in their homes, rather than be turned in to the shelter or re-homed. This is exactly what I have been doing and many cats have stayed with their owners. Marla P.

Your animal communication gift and workshop have changed my life and really improved my bond with my horse. I keep practicing my skills with him and other animals and it’s getting better. I just trust I still have a lot to learn and your workshop was one of the best group experiences I’ve ever had. So thank you for your assistance on this journey.
Isabelle B.

I took your workshop in Pacific Palisades a couple of years ago. I know I was sending messages to animals, the but your workshop opened my mind as to how to receive their messages. I am now using this ability with 2 rescue groups I volunteer with, Heaven on Earth Society for Animals, and Southern California Abbyssinian Rescue. Most of my work is done with SCAR and has helped many owners from re-homing their cats.
Marla P.

Hi Marty,
I had a wonderful time in your class and you are a fabulous teacher. Your teaching style and course materials were perfectly matched. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and I would love to take another of your workshops if you are ever in the area. Take care, Char S.

Hi Marty,
Thank you so very much for the inspiring day. I have a long way to go but it was a great start. I was impressed and encouraged by the group’s contributions. Thank you so much for sharing your time, both with the workshop but also in your document preparation. I’m already starting on the reading list. It was a treat to meet JJ and Oats and I send you all my best warm and fuzzy thoughts. Sandy and I have already agreed we want to go to your next workshop — so just keep us posted. Cathi W.

Dear Marty,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful experience of the workshop. I was so pleased to finally meet you in person & to meet your glorious dogs! I was also happy & moved by everyone’s stories & simply being in the presence of other participants & their animals (both present & in photos).
Since the workshop the dynamics of my feline family seem to be changing…in what I believe is a very good way! I’m so grateful to know you & grateful to you for sharing your gifts with all of us. Kathleen C., Mercy, Mostly, Boobobers & Teddy

Dear Marty,
My dog Ralphe and I were both blown away by yesterday’s experience at the workshop. Ralphe has much gratitude for being with ALL OF YOU yesterday. She really soaked up the sunshine of the human loving/acceptance and the playing with the other dogs.
What I have from yesterday is an incredible sense of loving, caring, and tremendous authenticity & naturalness in all of this. I appreciate how you honored all of us…humans and animals alike, how low-key & relaxed, how easily the workshop flowed, and how you created an environment that was safe when none of us trusted our images and most of us were fearful of appearing foolish.
I would love to be able to do a workshop with you periodically just to recharge and practice with a group filled with animal lovers under your casual, wise, effortless, graceful leadership and guidance. I loved all the anecdotes you told, I loved the experiential nature of the workshop. Bless you and your continued blessings to us and our creatures. Love, Munyin C.

Hello Marty,
I just wanted to thank you for the class. It was really a confidence inspiring event. I am really shy at these things (anything), but you have a way about it that makes it very comfortable to experiment. It was also lovely to meet the animals.
I am pretty sure Cayenne, my dog, heard me greet her when I got home from the workshop. Freaked her out a little. Best regards, Annia P.

Hi Marty,
I’ve been wanting to write and thank you for the seminar I attended earlier this year. It was so enlightening and I enjoyed it very much. I’ve had a few issues with Jesse that we’re trying to work through - the information I got from the seminar is helping me do that. Sincerely, Laurette C.

Dear Marty,
Just a little “thank-you” for such a wonderful seminar - I really enjoyed it & got so much out of it - thank you! I also wanted to thank you for giving me your input & encouragement - your generosity to me in that area on Sat. afternoon touched me deeply. My sincere appreciation for your honesty & support. Sincerely, Justine D.

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